Jonathan Kissi, Baozhen Dai, Kofi Kofi Baah Boamah, Joseph Owusu-Marfo, Isaac Asare


This current research proposes an integrated cloud base platform for managing the pension schemes of Ghana. The integrated platform will help the Contributor’s/Pensioner’s access all the services online irrespective of their physical geographical location. The platform will also help the government to take strategic economic planning decisions on its citizens aging towards retirement. The research examined the relationship among the perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, attitude towards using the integrated pension system and the intention to use the integrated pension system. These entire constructs were tested and proved to be statistically positive and had positive relationships with the use of the integrated cloud pension schemes. The system was developed using simulation tools. In spite of the high cost of integrating these pension systems onto a single platform, its attendant benefit significantly outweigh its cost implication. The research adds value to the use of technology in a distributed computing and the results recommend the implementation and integration of the system into the National Pension Regulatory Authority (NPRA) functions in Ghana to enjoy its adherent benefits. This research recommends further studies that tackle the security techniques in protecting data of clients in other disciplines.

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