E-Commerce in Adoption Developing Countries: A Literature Review of the Stages of E-Commerce Evolution and Adoption among SMEs

Anthony Akai Acheapong Otoo, Li Zhiwen, Charles Oduro Acheapong Otoo, Maxwell Opuni Antwi


E-commerce technologies assist SMEs in a wide range of activities, to provide information about the company, provide information about goods and services offered, take and place orders, receive payment, deliver goods and services, after sales service or contact and identify suppliers, It also involves purchasing inventory and non-inventory, communicating with internal and external parties, exchanging document and design with customers or suppliers, searching the information, advertising and recruitment activities. This paper examines the breadth of e-commerce use in business activities and how it reflects the level of e-commerce adoption where the wider the use of e-commerce the higher level of e-commerce adoption. It also explores the wider the scope of e-commerce use in businesses, and the likelihood of its contribution to the realization of even greater commerce benefits

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