Relationship between Managerial Support, Affective Commitment and Job Performance among Healthcare Professionals in Ghana

Elvis Adu, Fanglin Li, Imran Mohammed, Maxwell Opuni Antwi, Kofi Baah Boamah


Managers’ adequate understanding of employees’ feelings, coupled with effective implementation of high-performance human resources management practices is an incentive for the development of affective commitment in healthcare employees. Our study sought to find out the triangular relationship between managerial or supervisor support on the development of affective commitment and its corresponding influence on job performance. Our study employed the structural equation model to conduct the analysis using a sample of 350 healthcare professionals from the regional public hospitals in Ghana.  Our study among other things found that there was a marginally weak relationship between affective commitment and job performance but positive and significant relationship between managers’ support and affective commitment. Limitations and suggestion for future studies were also recommended

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