Examining the Competency and Independence of Councillors: A Case of Selected Local Governments of Ghana’s Public Sector

Isaac Jerry Kwabena Asare, Yusheng Kong, Jonas Bawuah, Joseph Owusu-Marfo, Jonathan Kissi


In most local governments across the world, councillors are required to study, analyse and approve local budgets, action plans and contracts amongst other functions. But how many councilors have the expertise for such and other functions? This case study attempts to find an answer to the question by investigating and drawing a correlation between competency independence and function of councillors. To achieve the study objectives, both elected and appointed councillors were purposively sampled across six local governments to respond to a structured questionnaire. Using the Structural Equation Model with Smart PLS 3 for data and constructs correlation analysis, the study results indicated more than 50 percent of councilors were competent and independent and also suggested strong relationships between councillor competency, independence and function. The study may be relevant to researchers, professionals and policy makers. It recommends regular leadership and capacity training for councillors to enhance their expertise.

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