Psychoanalytic Theory and Organisational Leadership

Benedicta Clemency Adzo Akey, Baozhen Dai, Ebenezer Torku, Elvis Adu


A distinguishing mark of the psychoanalytic thinking fuelled by Freud and his followers is its assumption of an individual and social dimension of unconscious life. This unconscious part is the place or mental territory where painful and dangerous ideas and desires are deposited through repression and other defensive mechanisms. Though typically a psychological field of study many have wondered how Freud’s psychoanalytic can be applied to the field of management. While some effort has been made in the past to understand the role of the unconscious as a source of imagination and creativity in scientific, economic, political and artistic spheres, the outturn has been conflicting among different researchers. In this review, we argue that psychoanalytic helps to renew a spirit of true leadership that does not simply dedicate themselves to process, roles, structures, and indirect communication but instead embrace people, emotions, ideas directly

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