Assessing Patients’ Choice of Service Quality in the Healthcare Sector in Ghana: A Case Study of Sogakope District Hospital and Comboni Hospital

Fortune Afi Agbi, Baozhen Dai, Eric Owusu Asamoah


Hitherto, the government of Ghana was the leading provider of healthcare in Ghana. However, in recent times, there is a spur in private persons providing healthcare, thereby creating competition in the sector. Patients are mostly in dire need of quality of services and willing to seek better quality deliveries. This article, therefore explored client’s choice of quality healthcare between the private and public hospital using the case of Sogakope District Hospital and Comboni Hospital. The study employed quantitative research methods in collecting and analyzing data on quality healthcare. The SERVQUAL model was used as the scale of measurement. Multiple regression analysis and the correlation was used to find out the effect of the independent variables (reliability, responsiveness, empathy, assurance, and tangibility) on the dependent variable (patients’ satisfaction). The findings of the study revealed that from the participants’ point of view, public hospitals were rated better as compared to the private sector.

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