The Comparative Study on SMEs’ Models of Logistics Supply Chain Financing and Business Performance in China

Owusu Samuel Mensah, Jianlin Chen, Qiao Hu, Huan Shi


The adoption of logistics supply chain financing by small businesses has alleviated the difficulties of SMEs’ financing.  This study attempts to analyze the reasons for the difficulties in SMEs’ financing, pointing out the functions and features of diverse logistics supply chain financing models in SMEs. The study adopted OLS and logistic model and analyzes SMEs’ financing models of logistics supply chain financing comparatively in 561 firms. The results of the study indicate that alternatively, using models of logistics supply chain increase financing ratio, reduce the risk of financing and more importantly cut down the cost of financing for many SMEs in diverse ways.  The results of the study will have a far-reaching impact on the design of SMEs financial innovative products and consequently, resolve problems in SMEs’ financing more effectively and efficiently.

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