A Journal of Global Institutions Critique

IJGIC is an interdisciplinary journal that provides a platform to discuss crisis of global institutions. The journal is founded and sustained by Common Horizon, a community of academics and professionals from the International University College of Turin (IUC).

By connecting young scholars and leading thinkers all over the world, the journal aims to [de]construct mainstream narratives about global institutions in order to promote alternative perspectives and unconventional ideas. The mission of the journal is not only to embrace radical and critical analysis but also to advocate innovative proposals. In short, to destroy constructively.

The journal has also a special interest in theories of institutions, how they relate to cultural practices, political ideologies, economic theories and normative laws, with a strong emphasis on science and technology and how they tend to renovate or disrupt pre-existing institutions.

Papers should reflect on institutional crisis, focusing particularly on power structures and global markets. Institutions, following Amartya Sen’s definition, are intended as formal and informal arrangements that creates values, cultures and responsibilities that sustain a society.

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Vol 1, No 1 (2018): ❗The Future of IJGIC

We invite submissions that question and discuss ideas and proposals related to the journal. The deadline for the launch of the website is 31 June, 2018 and the first call for paper is expected to be the 1 October, 2018.

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