Common Horizon an Interdisciplinary Journal of Global Institutions Critique

Common Horizon is a community of people who founded and sustains IJGIC: an Interdisciplinary Journal of Global Institutions Critique. The journal encourages radical analyses of global institutional crises; Its mission is to critique the dominant narrative(s) to enhance diversity, alternative perspectives and unconventional ideas. We think, indeed, that it is both necessary and possible to advocate a more holistic approach towards global institutions.

IJGIC aims to be a multi-, inter-, trans- and cross-disciplinary journal* that welcomes contributions and research that are both theoretically and empirically informed, critically focusing specifically on power structures. It analyzes the role of global economy and markets, social change, political shifts, financial institutions, science and technology without elitarian languages to understand how all these views and methodologies co-exist.

To realize the mission of the journal, we apply the International University College of Turin model of studies which is an open interdisciplinary and comparative agenda of most significantly the North-South and center-periphery relationships.

Above all, the journal has a special interest in theories of institutions, how they relate to normative laws, political ideologies, topical economic and financial discourses with a strong emphasis on science and technology and how they help encourage or discourage the advancement of a sustainable and informed society.

It is the mission of this journal to [de]construct the dominant narrative and ask questions about our value systems and what we can do about them. By connecting young scholars and leading thinkers all over the world to discuss conventional cultures and systems for adjustments towards making the academica not only a space for illuminating ideas but, most importantly, a ground for critique and imagine alternatives solutions on contemporary issues.