Avani Agrawal


“For few minute that I spin, there is in me the consciousness that I am adding to the nation’s wealth” –Mahatma Gandhi.
1. Objective: To identify social media as a marketing tool for growth of Indian Khadi industry 2. Methodology: Conceptual research 3. Major results: Awareness and increased acceptance of Khadi as preferred clothing, huge customer base, increased employability and profits 4. Implications: Reforming Khadi industries in terms of customer base, product designs, technology and in branding
When one hears ‘Khadi’, one is immediately transported to the image of Gandhiji spinning the charkha to create one’s own clothes. In 1920, Khadi movement embarked the thought revolution in India that Indians can be selfreliant and it saw the boycotting of British goods and clothes that was very highly priced.
It was not only a revolution against Britishers but was also a wakeup call for Indians for the need to increase opportunities in employment in rural India and also for the need of income generation.
The Khadi industry at present has 1.42 lakh weavers and 8.62 lakh spinners in the country. Approximately 9.60 lakh charkhas and 1.51 lakh looms churn out Khadi in India. This fabric of freedom faces many challenges in recent scenario. Once upon a time, the most active centres which stood in fight against British raj such as Khadi Udhyog Bhavan situated at Mohanpur, Darbhanga has been closed since many years. The Khadi industry faces the issues of unpaid and low dues to weavers, corruption, and lack of products focused on younger generation, aggressive and use of updated marketing tools, technologically upgraded tools, productive infrastructure and lack of professionalism.
This paper states the importance of Khadi industry for a country like India, where employability, entrepreneurship and poverty is 

still a burning issue and how social media can help small and medium scale industries like Khadi to come out of the poor situation by reviving it and connecting it to the real consumer real time. According to APAC report published by Singapore based digital agency, India has 350 million active internet user out of which 234 million users are active on social media. In such scenario it becomes inevitable for dying industries to be active on the most cheap and easily available social media platforms, market their products in it to click with its customer base and thereby creating a dragonfly effect.


Social media, awareness, connectivity, marketing, modernisation

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