Pompous Narcissism Predicts Ethical Behaviours at Workplace: The Moderating Role of Emotional Intelligence

Hira Salah ud din Khan, Ma Zhiqiang, Abdul Aziz Ibn Musah, Henry Asante Antwi, Patrick Boating Sarpong


This study examines the outcome of narcissism on ethical behaviour and measure the association of narcissism and ethical behaviour. The other main objective of this study was to find the presence of emotional intelligence in a narcissistic personality and measure its moderating effects on the relationship of narcissism and ethical behaviour. A total of 310 participants working at middle management levels in public and private telecom sectors of Pakistan within the context of local culture completed self-rating scales for narcissism, emotional intelligence and ethical behaviour. Results of multiple regression analyses supported the hypotheses that narcissism and ethical behaviour are negatively associated. However, the moderating role of emotional intelligence in a narcissistic person was not significant .These findings suggest that narcissism with emotional intelligence further deteriorates the relationship with ethical behaviour and narcissistic personality displays unethical behaviour to achieve their personal accomplishments.

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