Jeffery Sun, Frank Traverse, Susan Cai


In this study the aim has been to examine the role of a product differentiation strategy in enhancing competitive advantage in the management of modern businesses by conceptualizing differentiation with the Apple Company’s strategic management initiatives. In that way the evidence which is collected has facilitated the achievement of the objective of determining the extent to which the Apple company is committed to product differentiation as its business strategy, the specific product differentiation strategies that are adopted by Apple in gaining competitive advantage, the other business strategies that can be adopted along with a differentiation strategy to gain competitive advantage. The study has collected information from fifty respondents selected from  the three main segment o the operations of Apple in both the United Kingdom And in China in a comparative study and has found out that Apple company differentiate on it superior functionality, social value, aesthetics, and emotional value. This is because these are the sources that allow it to charge premium prices which are good for the company. There is however limitations when it comes to the reaching out to their potential since price sensitive consumers are deterred from Apple product due to their cost.

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