Consumer Rights Protection in Electronic-Commerce in Ghana: Lessons from British Commercial Jurisprudence

Patrick Acheampong, Li Zhiwen, Ezer Osei Yeboah-Boateng, Henry Asante Antwi, Anthony Akai Acheampong Otoo


Electronic commerce is growing steadily in Ghana. This has come as a result of the exponential growth of Internet access and related applications especially among the middle class in Ghana. the proliferation not withstanding, Internet business comes with significant trust and privacy concerns that are disincentive to the sustainable growth of electronic commerce in Ghana. To allay the fears of consumers' online shopping experience, there is the need for various cyber law regulations in Ghana to be enacted to protect the consumer in the cyberspace. This study takes a cursory look at some electronic commerce regulatory instruments in the UK which is Ghana's nearest neigbour owing to the country's historical ties with British jurisprudence. We make a that Ghana can learn from the lisgislative framework/laws to help protech Ghanaian netizens.

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