An Assessment of Online Consumers’ Awareness of Consumer Rights under the UK’s E-Commerce Laws and Regulations

Tracy Johnson, Emmanuel Nodd


The aim of the research is to determine the awareness of online consumers in the UK concerning the consumer rights that are granted to them under the different laws and regulations relating to electronic commerce. The study confirms that indeed electronic commerce has grown almost exponentially since it was started in the late 1990s. Considering the available evidence of the many people who have lost a lot of money and other resources from dealing with organizations that falls short of market credibility online, consumers would have taken advantage of the laws which have been promoted to protect their interest in any online business engagement to learn about and comply with the relevant provisions of these e-commerce laws but the evidence adduced in this studies points to the contrary. Consumers have not demonstrated that they have a good knowledge of their rights apart from the few instances where some people suffer loss or damage from a fraudulent transaction or experience a dispute with an online vendor. While the awareness and compliance of online businesses to the laws and regulations on e-commerce are important in bringing order to the rapidly growing area of e-commerce, one would have thought that equally important is the extent to which the consumers are aware of the rights granted to them under these laws and regulations but the research data does not point to this direction.

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