Stimulating Work Ethics among Healthcare Professionals: A Challenge to Healthcare Human Resource Development in Pakistan

Tehzeeb Mustafa, Lulin Zhou, Zinet Jamie Abdullahi, Numair Nisar


The health care industry has now become the most vibrant industries across the world. The growing size of this industry, demand for potential and skilful managers and health care professionals is also growing. The demand and requirement for the managers have mounted because there is urgent need for meeting the challenges of this potential market. Because of globalization factor of health care industry, healthcare managers and professionals must have practice-oriented, international and intellectual skills. Health care management aims to furnish managers with the potentials that are required for the future global health care facilities. Typical of most developing countries, health inequity has become endemic in Pakistan over time. Despite its resource potential, several Pakistani’s (especially those in rural areas) live under high financial catastrophe and impoverishment and are unable to meet the constantly rising cost of an “unreliable” healthcare service. This paper examines how public hospitals in Pakistan are managing work ethic among its staff and the challenges the future holds for each of them.

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