Digital Story Telling and Second Language Teaching: A Review from the China-Taiwan-Hongkong Triangle

Ebenezer Torku, Benedicta Clemency Adzo Akey, Tehzeeb Mustafa, Elvis Adu


Despite the importance of storytelling in second language acquisition, using storytelling faces certain difficulties in teaching in countries in Asia such as China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Vietnam etc. Firstly, it is not easy to gain access to English story books, which need to be imported, and it usually results in huge financial costs for teachers or institutes. Secondly, how non-native teachers tell the story might become a limitation as well. Due to language barrier, second language teachers may not be as good as native teachers when telling stories, as the immaturity of storytelling technique may result from natural language barrier.  Yet it is believed that young learners cannot learn like adults because their logical thinking has not reached maturity hence the adoption of cultural context story telling techniques is inimical to effective learning. This review evaluates the issue of storytelling and its importance in second language acquisition based on experiences from China, Taiwan, and Hongkong


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