Affordable Control Movement Gyroscope Based Robotic Gadget Compatible to Fit with Wrist for handicapped People

Bishal Karmakar, Sharafat Ali, Nasim Ahmed


Abstract: In this paper we propose a gadget system in order to solve the problem for those who cannot afford prosthetic hand. The Idea is to use physical parameters to control the mechanism. Here we propound an approach to achieve the aforementioned idea employing robotics wrist hand using MEMS accelerometer along with MEMS gyro. We disclose the key physiognomies of the device that is 3 axis reflections by computational geometry calculation empower real time intercommunication between hand gesture and the servos. And the system maintains the flexibility for the rotation of palm and fore-arm that provides the independence of finger movement onward with palm. Our system invades I2C bus to interface the movement parameters with Arduino. Due to the use of multiple servos in the mechanical structure at same distance from each other enriches the gadgets stability level along with maximum load carrying capacity.

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