The Effect of Distributive Justice on Individual Entrepreneurial Dispositions and Team Performance among Self-Organized Team Ventures

Isaac Gumah Akolgo, Cai Li, Kankam William Adomako, Ann Dodor, Shumaila Naz


The study aims at assessing the effect of distributive justice on individual entrepreneurial dispositions and team performance among self-organized team ventures in Jiangsu province.

 The study adopted a cross sectional design with a sample of 350 entrepreneurial teams’ members. Quantitative data were collected from the participants through surveys. The data were analyzed through the use of AMOS 23.0 software package. The findings of the study revealed that proactiveness diversity among team members negatively affected team performance. Risking taking diversity was found to have a positive indirect influence on team performance through distributive justice whilst innovativeness diversity harness team performance. The findings revealed that distributive justice serves as a booster to the relationship between innovativeness and team performance. The findings of the study have contributed to deepening the understanding of individual entrepreneurial dispositions (entrepreneurial orientation at the individual level), team entrepreneurship and distributive justice thereby enriching literature in the entrepreneurship and justice fields. The study therefore recommends that entrepreneurs understand their team members individual dispositions as well as adopt practices that will enhance the perception of high distributive justice among their team members.

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