Engaging Constructive Modelling Concepts to Augment Supply Chain Management Decisions in Ghana's Health Sector

Patrick Acheampong, Li Zhiwen, Henry Asante Antwi, Frank Boateng, Michael Owusu Akomeah, Adelaide Brenya Boadu


Contemporary healthcare institutions have come to realized that making prudent decisions is very critical in their resolve to reducing costs in the health care supply chain management. These prudent decisions will inure to the benefit of the healthcare sector by curtailing operational bottlenecks while still maintaining processes efficiency and timely delivery. SCM in healthcare with respect to the products availability and accessibility to patients is of a great concern since it’s premised on life or death. In this regard, there is a strong conviction to always get it right in this all important sector. Simulation Modeling has been used in diverse fields especially in engineering. By adopting Simulation and Modeling (SM) as a new approach in the healthcare sector, solutions and support decisions owing to diverse SCM problems could be tested by supply chain managers. In this paper, we make a case to analyze past Simulation and Modeling (SM) situations that support SCM decision making in healthcare. Key challenges pertaining to SCM modeling are also identified. Key contemporary technologies that meet the challenges in healthcare SCM are also explored.

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