Acceptance and Adoption of e-Commerce Payments and Implications for International Trade

Anthony Akai Acheampong Otoo, Zhiwen Li, Henry Asante Antwi, Patrick Acheampong, Charles Oduro Acheampong Otoo


When the internet first became freely available to the whole world in 1995, its usage was largely limited hence the need to explore various ways by which the platform can be used to support commerce. This initiative was pioneered by business managers and owners to know more about the potency of the internet including how it supports payments from one place to the other. Today there are many micropayment system used on various internet platforms but all of these developed from the ground breaking effort of the first generation of internet micropayment systems most of which have died a natural death. We examine in this paper, the development trend of e-commerce payment platforms; starting from the evolution of the NetBill. Subsequently, we evaluate the competitive environment within which the first generation of micropayment systems operated and their eventual waterloo. After exploring the challenges and failures of the first generation of ecommerce payment systems, we aggregate and discuss some lessons for sustainable micropayment systems in the current market by drawing on the experiences of successful new neighbours


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