Journal History

The International Journal of Research and Education (IJRE) is an academic journal of the Association for the Promotion of Research and Education (APRE), Stirling, United Kingdom.  


The aim of this Journal is to facilitate the publication of research papers in all fields of knowledge: life and earth sciences, social sciences, economics, management, law, mathematics, technology, art and education. This journal is targeted to academicians and researchers worldwide, that use the english language to publish their research.  


The contents of this journal will be available permanently and free (Open Access).



Editorial Committee: 




Dr. Julio López Alvarado, APRE, UK


Editorial Secretary:


Mrs Celia Morales Palma, APRE, UK



Scientific Committee:





Publication frequency:  publication frequency will be quarterly. The articles received will be published online as soon as they are reviewed and accepted. Each quarterly issue will close the last day of each quarter.