Hidayati Hidayati, TRISHARSIWI Trisharsiwi, WIJAYANTO ZAINNUR


ABSTRACT: The purpose of the research is to develop the lesson plan of an outdoor learning of natural science in Taman Dewasa Junior High School Yogyakarta. The research uses research and development approach, namely, a one-year study with a qualitative research design. Informants in this research, principals, classroom teachers and students of Taman Dewasa Junior High School Yogyakarta. Data are collected by using observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. The data are analyzed by using qualitative analysis of flow method. Data validity is examined by using methods and sources triangulations. Result: Planning learning is poured into forms RPP. Writing lesson plans in advance is started with the designing (1) learning objectives based on the analysis of SK and KD, (2) the problem situation created by the students, (3) techniques and procedures assessment process and the learning outcomes that will be applied, and (4) operational measures learning. Implementation of learning consists of introductory, core and cover. Preparation of assessment of learning, namely the evaluation process and evaluation of learning outcomes is done authentically based on the cognitive, psychomotor, religious, and social. Assessment process undertaken to assess the participation of students during the learning process. Assessment is based on the work of students in solving problems worksheets, controlled exercise, exercise self-reliant, and independent tasks


Keywords: development, lesson plan, natural-science

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