El comercio electrónico (e-commerce): una posible ventana de oportunidad para las firmas en los países en vías de desarrollo

Assunta Cecere, Edgar Acatitla


This article aims to show how electronic commerce (e-commerce) can be a window of opportunity that can
be exploited by firms in less developed countries. A feature of globalization is that not only the processes of production,
distribution and consumption tend to be global but also the ways in which they carry out these processes follow the
parameters set by the technological revolution of ICT (Perez, 2004). In regions such as Latin America and Africa, ecommerce
is beginning to be exploited, so it offers a potential that could contribute to the economic development of
these countries. In the first section, the introduction is presented; in the second section, the methodology used in the
analysis of e-commerce is exposed; In the third section, the results are presented; The fourth section is a brief
discussion and, finally, some conclusions are issued.

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