Vinod Kumar, Sachin Sinha, Dipti Saxena, Rana Praween Kumar


The era of nanotechnology is fast approaching. Virtually unheard of two decades, all disciplines will be impacted by advances in nanotechnology in near future. Growing interest in the future medical applications of nanotechnology is leading to the emergence of a new field called Nanomedicine– the science and technology of diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease and traumatic injury, of relieving pain, and of preserving and improving human health, using nanoscale-structured materials, biotechnology and genetic engineering, and eventually complex molecular machine systems and nanorobots. Similarly, development of “nanodentistry” will make possible the maintenance of near-perfect oral health through the use of nanomaterials.The present article is a review, which describes about the potential use of nanotechnology in the field of Periodontics.


Dentin Hypersensitivity , Tissue Engineering ,Local Drug Delivery

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